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Paranormal (W)Activity

So, I just finished watching "Paranormal Activity".

..without making snide remarks. (At first)

To me, this was a mixed-bag movie. Yes, there are the jump out of the seat moments, there are moments that just had me laughing, and there were quite a few moments that made me say WTF?

Ok, we know that this is a haunted house movie...or is it? Nah, more like a demon following our girl Katie (played by..erm...Katie). Her boyfreind Micah (played by a guy named Micah) isn't that convinced, even after weird shit starts happening. They have a parapsychologist pop in and he tells them that there's a demon following Katie. Running won't do, as it will follow her. His advice:sit tight, and he will get this demonologist in on the act (which is one of the very few times that said demonoloist is ever mentioned.). So, Micah, being the brain trust that he is, gets a big-ass camera to document everything. By that, I mean nearly everything, as he is told in no uncertain terms to shut the camera off before sex.

Aaaanyhoo, Micah proceeds to be a total moron by doing EVERYTHING the good Doctor told him not to do, which naturally pissed the demon off to no end. All hell (literally) breaks loose.

Now, I don't know where dumbass, I mean, Micah, got that ouija board from, but the fact that it was glossy and had a friggin INVERTED PENTGRAM ON IT should have been a clue that this will not end well. The scene just made me go into Monty Python/MST3K mode in a heartbeat. ("Wait, it's spelling something out...U-P Y-O-U-R-S...'Up yours???' What a rude Ouija board!" )

Scary scenes? Hoshit YES! Subtle stuff, nothing too OMGWTFBBQ at first, but it just grows. Even I was getting a chill or 3. Timing was everything.

So, I liked it, was scary, and riffable.

--Nerikull...wondering what the noise waAAAAAAAAAHHHGGGG!
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