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Aaaaand just in time to be added to everyones Halloween Must Watch list...Dolls. I honestly can't tell if this was meant to be a kids horror or an adults, but that pretty much sums up all 1980's horror movies. Dolls is definitely a bad movie, but more in a cheesy way than anything. For its time the special effects (the dolls themselves) aren't too bad. The four main characters are likeable and the plot isn't too bad. I actually found this after a friend made me watch the whole thing (I still don't know weather to forgive her or not), she told me that she first saw this when she was a child and the opening scene with the bear freaked her out so much that she couldn't watch the rest of the movie. In fact I got a couple of similar comment when I posted it on the ontdcreepy community.

Just be thankful that I haven't been able to find the movie with the kung-fu werewolf...yet.
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