Nerikull Murakami (lalladil) wrote in bad_movies,
Nerikull Murakami

The Darkest Hour (2011)

Yeah, it's been far too long. RL will do that to me.

So, last year, I see trailers for this movie. It looked pretty damned good, until I actually watched the movie!!

Basic plot: Centered around a couple Americans in Moscow, there to seal a tech deal that would make them rich, get backstabbed by a "friend", and drink the night away at a club. Some pretty lights fall from the sky, and that's when all hell breaks loose. People start getting sucked into the shiny balls of electrical evil which seem to be hunting people.

What went wrong: Hooboy. The acting wasn't really that bad, given the things we find about the movie. The ball lightning beings can only 'see' people's microelectric field. You can literally hide from them by putting a pane of glass between you and them! ....the hell?
Also, why are they there? The aliens want our mineral ore. Thar's right. The Earth is attacked by intergalactic claim jumping Miners!! ...the HELL?? It just goes to hell from there. Crazy scientists in a home-made Faraday cage? Yep! Balls-crazy 'weapon' made of spare parts to fight the aliens? You betcha. "Heroes" going back in the danger zone to rescue a friend? FFS, people...

MSTable?: Maybe. You'd have to watch it a few times to really find good stuff to mock.

Final rating: If you can completely detach any form of disbelief and leave your rational mind at the door, it's ok.

--Nerikull, still watching the bad ones.
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