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Legion - The Apocalypse was never this much fun.

If you saw the trailer, you pretty much saw the movie. That being said, I had a blast watching this movie.

Michael (the Arch-Angel)falls to Earth, cuts off his wings, and the fun begins. He's on a mission to save a baby, and humanity. Seems that God got a little miffed with us (again), and is sending the Angels to take us out. How? By POSSESSING the weakest to swarm over the rest. So....yeah.

The band of survivors are in the middle of nowhere. Some grumpy guy and his son, the hired help, the waitress, rich couple with a slutty daughter that broke down, token black character with a past...just trying to make it thru another day. Little do they know that the poo will hit the propeller.

I saw a lot of things coming, and there were a ton of points where I was just teary-eyed from laughing.

Not the best or most original movie, no, but it was a LOT of fun. I can see this one being given to Rifftrax.

My personal riff? "So, the agents of the Apocalypse will commute from the suburbs?"

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